Covid-19: Safe Training Measures


New guidelines for safe practice when lessons restart

I will text you before each lesson to ask the following questions. It is vital that I get your reply well before the lesson otherwise the lesson will not go ahead. A 'YES' answer will mean it is unsafe to proceed with the lesson.

In the text I will add a reminder to wash your hands or use sanitiser gel just prior to getting into the car. I will supply gel if required. Please be prepared to wear a mask and to consider using disposable gloves. I can supply both for a small charge of £3.00 per lesson. You must ensure that any protective equipment you wear will not affect your ability to drive by reducing your vision (especially if you need spectacles for driving) or ability to correctly use the car controls.

Please be assured all car controls will be wiped down with alcohol-based gel before and after every lesson.

I may need to take a few extra precautionary measures during the lesson to improve safety.

In the car if you should cough or sneeze please aim to fully cover your mouth and nose with the mask, not use your hands. It is advisable to wear clothing that covers arms and legs to reduce any risk of infection and to remain comfortable in a car with the windows open.

These guidelines introduce important changes to driving practice for the foreseeable future so do consider them carefully and If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Martin Cutler - Martins Driving School

01403 732280 / 07985 078487

*Please note that this is a temporary change to my normal terms and conditions and it is important to keep in mind because if I judge that you are unwell at any point during a lesson then I reserve the right to immediately end the lesson and charge for all my lost time. If I become unwell then I reserve the right to cancel or postpone the lesson at short notice without costs incurred.

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